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  1. Hello all

    I have the aforementioned HDD recorder which I bought from Amazon in September 2013. The problem I have is that it has recently stopped recording the programmes I set to record. This is the error message that comes up:

    'The timer recording could not start. The following may have occurred. The timer overlapped with earlier timer recording.
    A copy had started.
    Registration of USB HDD was in progress.
    Update of the software had been performed.
    The AC mains lead was disconnected.'

    The shows I had set to record didn't overlap, so that isn't the problem, and the mains lead wasn't disconnected at any point. I tried unplugging the box for half an hour to let it reset, which seems to work in the short term, but then it goes back to not recording.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be wrong? I've emailed Panasonic for help but I've yet to receive a reply.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!
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    Have you contacted Panasonic? It should have at least a 1 yr warranty right?
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