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  1. Hello, good evening. (sorry for the bad english) After tiring me for two weeks on unsuccessful attempts, I have been resorting to the dear colleagues here in this forum, they seem to be always very responsive and helpful to those who need help.

    My problem is this; I bought an online course of viewing and limited access, and VERY accurate download the lessons so that I can continue with my studies.

    I've tried almost everything ... URLSnooper 2, Wireshark, Coojah 6, Net Transport, StreamTransport, Orbit, Get FLV (The most useful), etc. ... And I tried very view-source browser, obtaining some useful information, but were not enough.

    The server sends the information to me, split and cut, as if he tranformasse a whole video into several pieces.

    example: And always return this suffix "Seg1-Frag1" By next; Seg1-Frag2, Seg1-Frag3, Seg1-Frag4, Seg1-Frag5, until you reach the end of the video.

    The player is:

    Links found:

    In no possible way I can find the correct url link to be able to subsequently download the video in rtmpdump ...

    Please anyone who can help me, I really appreciate. Who is willing to help if needed we send. Rar with all the files on the site, or even my password for access. Thank you very much!!
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  2. Hi ,

    @darkramza : Have a look at :

    Regards .
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  3. Dear. didn't work.. the fragments are in .mp4... Even i managed to download the 200 fragments manually, but to join they get corrupted.

    You know another method for me to find the correct link? Thank You!
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  4. Hi ,

    @darkramza : give us the first link , to watch the video .

    Regards .
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  5. The videos are in the administrative system area (Extranet,Intranet). I could pass you the link and password to access inbox? Thank you!
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