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  1. Hello, I made some gameplay footage, but the game crashed in the middle of the game and caused my video recording software to quit abruptly. When playing it in VLC the entire 46 min gameplay footage is viewable, but is only seekable till about 39 minutes.

    When trying to fix the footage on my own I noticed that the seek-able footage is at 4GB using when Virtualdub to copy it via direct stream, while the original footage is about .5 GB larger. Meaning for some reason the Sony Vegas can only read the 4GB.

    I tried to rebuild the index, but I get an error saying it reached the end of file, and can not rebuild the index.

    I used d3dgear to record, Video Codec was on Windows Media Video 9 Codec and Format is AVI2 (OpenDML)
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    Just maybe a coincidence but are you trying to write the file to a ntfs file system drive or fat32. fat32 has a 4gb limit.
    There's not much to do but then I can't do much anyway.
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