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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have used the canopus convertor boxes before for converting hi-8 tapes to avi files. However, this was back in 2009. Now, I have found a bunch of old hi-8 tapes I am looking to get converted. I have read the sticky about how canopus boxes do not have TBC capabilities and am looking to spend around 200-300 dollars to buy a good analog to digital convertor box with TBC. Since about 3 years have passed since I last did any converting, I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to guide me to which converter boxes I should buy. I noticed someone back in 2010 recommended:

    Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Have you purchased any TBC ? How was your experience with it ? I also have a bunch of VHS and Hi8 tapes. I bought the AVT-8710 last night and could not get my hands on it, so I am a little bit lost
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    The avt-8710 is a full-frame TBC normally used to defeat Macrovision copy protection. This type of tbc corrects frame timing errors (if they exist) and helps ensure audio synch with horrible junky noisy damaged VHS tapes. It has absolutely no effect on the line timing errors or other unstable in-frame playback problems common with analog tape.

    In-frame line timing errors, top border flagging, wiggly lines, bent borders, and other typical tape problems are corrected with a line tbc. A line tbc is usually available on some high-end JVC and Panasonic SVHS and pro-level VCR's equipped with line tbc's, or available in a few DVD recorders manufactured a few years ago and mentioned in this forum and others as pass-thru TBC devices.

    A quickie animated example of what one type of line timing error looks like and one method for fixing it during capture with a pass-thru line tbc device: . On many tapes this and other errors are often far more severe.

    I have no idea what one means by a "converter box" and don't know of any affordable capture devices that have a usable tbc. Someone will likely post that there's a cheapo capture card out there that claims to have a tbc. If you believe the advertising (I don't), go ahead and buy it. Line tbc's are complex hardware/electronic devices, not cheapos.
    - My sister Ann's brother
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