Hi everyone,

im kindda new to this but im loving it, anyway i have a small problem that i wish you guys can help me with or suggest a solution that can solve my problem

my setup is as follow

i have a media server by synology connected using Ethernet
in the other end i have a google TV which connected to the media server using Ethernet
google tv is connected to my AVR by onkyo 7.1 DD true HD and DTS HD
im using Vimo an app in google TV to stream my movies from my server to my AVR

my problem is that it seems i cant play any movie with DTS audio only AC3 and ACC works and as i understand my receiver do the decoding because when i play an AC3 or ACC with DD my AVR light up a red icon for DD which mean that he is receiving a DD signal which is not the same with DTS, and most of the new movies now are coded with DTS
i know that my sony google TV is DD capable but dose not support DTS, but to my understanding my AVR should do the decoding and it dosent matter weather my player support it or no as long as it can pass-trough the audio

so any ideas how can i play those DTS movies using my google TV, any suggestion will be highly appreciated

thank you