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  1. Ok, hope this is the right area for this post. I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013 with the intent of watching movies on trips, etc.

    I collect movies and have about 780 at the present time. I would like to download a few at a time to my mounted SD card and watch on trips, etc. When finished watching, would delete and download others. I do not want to stream movies, just watch my own purchased DVD movies.

    After several days of searching and asking questions on various forums, I am thoroughly confused. I am not that up on the technical aspects of Android or tablets. There seems to be dozens, if not more, ways to do this. I need to have something that lets me use my DVD player on my laptop (not Blu-Ray capable) to download to my PC and then copy to my tablet. Obviously need something that bypasses the copyguard systems. Free or at least not expensive solutions would be best as I am a senior on a fixed income.

    It seems there are two problems, getting it on the PC without the copyguard and then getting to the tablet in a format the tablet can recognize. There may be more but this is what I have gathered during my searches. I have tried AVS and Handbrake but couldn't get either to work. Think I needed additional software to get them to work.

    I didn't realize this would be so involved when I bought the tablet or might have gone a different route.

    Any help would be appreciated. Please keep in mind I am not a techie so keep the responses near the beginner level...
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    Your first problem is getting rid of the encryption. Since you have been trying to use Handbrake, I have to assume you don't care about the original menus. That helps things.

    You can break encryption and convert the DVD's (uncompressed) to an mkv file using MakeMKV. It is free to use for DVD decryption. Don't get confused by any messages you might see saying it expires after so many days, all you have to do is enter a new beta key every month or so, or download and install the newest version if your key expires. You can find new keys here:

    Your next step is to compress the files to a smaller size. Handbrake is a good choice, but I prefer a different program based on Handbrake called VidCoder. Install it and select the preset called Android Tablet. Click on Settings next, and then click the Video tab. Put a dot in the circle for Constant Framerate, then close the Settings. That's it. Now, all you have to do is set up a place on the hard drive where you want the output to go (Destination line). Click Video File as your source and navigate to the mkv file you made with MakeMKV. Hit Encode and you should be off and running.

    Default output will be an mp4 file, but you could change that to mkv if you prefer. Won't matter on your tablet. For playback of H264 mp4 or mkv files on Android, I'd recommend Dice Player (free) or MX Player Pro (not free).
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  3. Thanks Kerry56.

    I am printing this response and will give it a try. Will get back with results but may be a few days. Busy weekend planned...
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