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  1. Hi gurus

    As newbie, from the site I learn about MkvMerge & Handbrake. Both of them is great & ultra fast by muxing into a mp4 or mkv container. Once done you can see the title within the container if we use a file editor. Then with a little tinkering we can see the title in the full movie using VLC or Classic Media player.

    My problem is I want to select clips and want the title to be properly sync. MkvMerge allows such "SPLITTING" and each split sections will show the titles in sync. Is there any way to select clips based on time period & not just split.

    But i really want to use Handbrake as it allows easy selection of time section plus insertion of the title. Unfortunately the clips selected have all the titles at the end of the file thus not in sync. How can i do this right. I try read here and there but no avail.

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  2. Try set to copy audio from source without reencoding
    by set to Passthru in Handbrake audio section

    Try VidCoder based on Handbrake

    By the way, MkvMerge mixing files together without reencoding
    and Handbrake convert/reencode files
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  3. Thanks roma for the reminder on handbrake.

    I think i have resort to using just MkMerge to split into say 10 minutes clips, Next further split the critical 10 minute clips that contain the cut off to 1 minute duration. Thereafter "Append" all the clips that i want to get a final mkv. As there is only muxing, its very fast, unlike re-encode.
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