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  1. Been googling a lot for past 2 days looking for a software or a GUI for FFDSHOW video filter, is there a possible video converting software that will use FFDSHOW video filter so i can make video look like 1080p or 720p. first i upscaled it then I use warp-sharp tool from FFDSHOW filter, the main problem is that i want to wait or record while the video is playing, it takes too long, then i have to encode it! so is there a faster way?
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    There exists a VfW interface for ffdshow, so that you can use it in VirtualDub or AviUtl, for example.
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  3. Another option is using avisynth with DirectShowSource() and the DirectShow ffdshow configuration .

    But usually there are equivalent filters in avisynth that you can use without ffdshow. e.g. you mentioned ffdshow's warpsharp
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  4. Cool I'm going to try them, thanks!
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  5. You can call ffdshow preset directly in Avisynth or with graphedit do everything directly (especially with older version fddshow where more encoders was available)
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