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  1. here is a pic of another rudimentary mod i have done. The pitiful quality of the arms is so bad that they sag forward when the film is on , causing the film to feed into the reflecta on a less-than-ideal trajectory. Basically, i used some electrical tape to pull the arm back so the film at least rolls in straight.

    Helps to avoid the "Film Stuck!!" problem again...thanks to smoother uptake of the film.
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  2. i wanted to add...anyone having problems with the "Film Stuck!!" message needs to TRY PUTTING A POWERED USB HUB IN BETWEEN YOUR PC AND THE UNIT.

    make sure the USB leads are as high quality (thick) as possible, ideally with the magnet shielding "blob" on the lead somewhere (this filters out interference from AC and radio eg mobile phone) and the USB leads are as short as possible.

    I can second a previous assertion in this thread by a very astute contributor that inserting a powered USB hub between the PC and Reflecta fixes this problem. Indeed it solved this issue for me. more "Film Stuck!!" messages.

    It appears that the USB circuitry in the Reflecta is not particularly strong. My suspicion from looking at the board inside is that it is actually powered by the USB 5V lead voltage that is supplied from the PC, not from its own internal Reflecta power supply (yet another design shortcut/flaw). Laptop PCs are also more venerable to the "Film Stuck!!" problem as their USB ports are not particually strong in supplying the correct voltage at their ports.

    Use a powered hub for this unit to avoid problems.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Ive been asked a few times what my process is from scanner to final file so here goes:

    1:/ Two passes with Reflecta scanner using Cyberview. Hitting "Calibrate" in between. Do not "make video" using Cyberview, just continue on so that jpgs are on the HD.
    2:/ combine the sub-folders together that Cyberview has made for the pass when the "Film Stuckk" message has popped up for absolutely no valid reason.
    3:/ Now with all the jpgs in one folder and numbered sequentially, load the first jpg into Virtualdub (32 bit version). Change frame rate to 18fps (in my case). Hit play and watch for stuck moments or particularly bad dirt on frames. Mark down on some paper the approximate frames
    4:/ Scroll to the frame jpgs numbers using Total Commander and double click, loading Windows Picture Viewer. Click thru the frames and delete any double frames, right-click and open in Photoshop any dirty frames and clean using the Healing tool. Save jpg as Baseline (not progressive!).
    5:/ using Total Commander. renumber the whole folder of files so they are sequential again (assuming ive deleted some frames).
    6:/ reload first frame into Virtualdub. Ensure 18fps is chosen. Save to uncompressed AVI. "Raw film".

    IF the film is scratched:
    7a) open my special .avs scratched file in VirtualdubMOD (after renaming Raw film file to scratched.avi first)
    7b) make changes to .avs scratched file settings in notepad
    7c) use "F5" (refresh) in Vdub once changes are made.
    7d) once scratches are removed and looks good, save as uncompressed avi. Append "Descratched" to filename.

    Deshaking frames:
    8:/ Load Virtualdub 32 bit with the deshaker plugin in the plugin set
    9:/ Open first jpg (change zoom to 66% by right clicking on screen)
    10:/ Set framerate to 18 fps.
    11:/ Add Deshaker plugin. (under video / filter)
    12:/ Use my saved template jpg to adjust my custom settings to deshaker
    13:/ Play thru all video with "Pass 1". Go have a coffee
    14:/ open plugin again, choose "Pass 2" and THEN rewind Vdub to start by sliding slider.
    15:/ Render to Uncompressed avi and append "Deshaker" to name.

    Adding Sound:
    16:/ Open Vegas 10 (not 11 or 12 or onwards!!)
    17:/ Load my template with the session of HD (1920x1080, and track of shutter noise running for 20 mins to use in case the film has no audio)
    18:/ Open Sound Forge. Record audio to 48k 24 bit file from Eumig projector in real time from DIN output plug (shutter removed/bypassed for smooth audio, lamp disconnected for less hum). Save.
    19:/ Denoise audio file. Filter out 50hz hum. EQ Save. Close SF
    19:/ Load audio file into Vegas, pitch change audio (Classic, Lock to Stretch setting, 0.57 ot 0.6386 or 0.5195 amount seems to be correct depending).
    20:/ Turn off all video plugins to ensure audio is in sync. Once syncked, turn back on video plugins
    21:/ Adjust Vegas 10's amazing "Sharpen" plugin (crap in SV11 onwards), Contrast, Saturation, Neatvideo plugin to remove image noise.
    22:/ Render to HD1080 18 fps AVI with appended "inc sound and Neatvideo".

    If frame smoothing wanted : Twixtor
    23a) Import video from above and choose my Twixtor Template.
    23b) Use my settings #3 setting (just trial and error to achieve)
    23c) Right click on video file and choose 2x playback speed
    23d) save.

    Finalizing to mp4
    24:/ Load TMPGENC
    25:/ Load avi file
    26:/ render as 50fps progressive HD1920x1080 15mb bitrate AAC LC 320k 48khz final mp4 file.

    Enjoy super8 file on TV and give to rest of family.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi. brand new here. had my reflecta super 8 scanner sitting for a few years. now trying for the first time.
    it does good work.
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  5. Hi every body.
    I have just received my new scanner and by chance I have soon discovered your thread.
    It's a gold mine and I admire your ingenuity.

    But I have a problem.
    I changed some files (add and delete pictures) in the folders ImageDataxxx created, changed the file plan.ini accordingley but now I can't build my film.
    I receive the message "failed combination".
    How could I fix that?

    Thank you for your help.
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  6. Hello.
    Thanks to all the contributors trying to make the Reflecta Super8 function like it should. Especially Blackout! I've made the mods to my scanner.

    I'm using the Super8 (not Plus). I've had the duplicate frames problem (post #270), but I upgraded the software and I think the problem went away. Now I have the skipped frames problem. I think I may need updated firmware. But this is old and I can't find firmware downloads anywhere.

    What are the best (latest?) software and firmware versions? Does anybody know where they are archived for download?

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