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  1. I have Windows 7 64-bit and I'm using Avisynth 2.6 MT 32-bit. For some reason I can't use any plugins on HD sources in MT mode. The encodings always crash at some point such as half way through the encoding. I can use the script below on standard definition videos fine without problems yet HD encodings crash.

    DeGrainMedian(limitY=2, limitUV=3, mode=1, interlaced=true)
    Yadif(mode=1, order=1)
    Interestingly the above HD script does NOT crash in MeGUI which is a portable installation yet all I did for MeGUI was copy all the Avisynth plugins from the C Drive into MeGUI's Avisynth Plugins folder. Any thoughts on why MeGUI doesn't crash?
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  2. wild guess: no auto-loading of plugins
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  3. Why would that cause a crash?
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  4. The other way around, not auto-loading plugins&co can avoid problems, because autoloading is 'stupid', if you for example got a Removegrain.dll and a RemoveGrainSSE3.dll inside your plugins folder both will get loaded and since they cover the same function calls it causes a crash.
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  5. I don't have multiple versions of the same plugin in my plugins folder. The instructions for stuff like RemoveGrain for example tell you to only choose 1 version of the file to put in the plugins folder so that's what I did.

    So is it just Yadif in my script that I should load manually in the script? I tried that but it made no difference, it still crashed.
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  6. Since SD with the same script works, you might be running into 32bit-MT memory issues

    Try setmemorymax(768) or even 512
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  7. DGSource("E:\Video.dgi") -> adding:
    RequestLinear(rlim=50,clim=50) #this directly behind the source loading
    might also help, but SetMemoryMax(768) is also a good idea.
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