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    this is very diffrent problem which i scored and i spend 4 days well using few times 2-3 hrs and wasted looooots of time on burning BD-RE

    problem was fixed working ok but OSD still wrong

    but let me explain what up

    again i was using version that not exist in mine country .This blu-ray was 43GB and this disc contain 5 audio tracks 1 of them was 7.1 LPCM and yes i could reencode it 2 ac3 but its was pointless and i wanted better video quality so i removed all 4 tracks left only 1 5.1 original i added 1 voiceover and that disc contain also 3 subtitle tracks and i wanted to add also 4th .
    Now using MPC-HD subtitles was open properly but when i was burning FEW times BD-RE for BD player subs was only limited to english and spanish where that 3rd gone i dont know why.

    i dont know also how to deal with forced subtitles if You all know help me to understand this.
    So i decided to remove everything from subtitles and add only native well for me that was bad move but ONLY choice i always like to keep original subtitles for same spoken language mainly for synchro

    and after all of this subtitles which i wanted appeard as english in OSD [ i dont know maybe it was that "forced subtitles]

    two times Multiavcdhd scored "tsmuxer stopped working" but after subtitles in same language problem was fixed tsmuxer was ok again

    looks like BD players and MPC-HC are diffrent world
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