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  1. Hello!
    I've been striving for the quality of my YT videos for quite a while (I post 10-30min videos with hardsub on my YT channel). My most frequent problem is that the resolution of most of my source videos is below 720p, and YouTube forces them to 360p or 480p after uploading, which makes them look awful compared to the source videos. That's why I started to upscale my videos to 720p before uploading. I managed to get pretty decent quality, because the videos now have 720p button (and an HD button on mobile YT), though upscaling caused noise on some videos.
    But my main problem is that I can't get the mobile HD button in my last video, though it is uploaded in 720p and looks alright on the PC YouTube (almost like the source). The mobile YT only shows the HQ button, which looks like 360-480p on PC and rather awful. The difference between my videos with HD buttons and the video with HQ button is that the first ones were hardsubbed in Avidemux and upscaled in SUPER converter (erightsoft), while the second was hardsubbed and upscaled in Avidemux at once, using a resize filter in Avidemux. The first videos were rather small after conversion (100-200 MB for 5 min of video), while with the second I got a 4000 MB in the 38 min video file.
    Sorry if the explaination is too complicated.To put it short, my question is: why one 720p video gets the HD button on mobile YT and the maximum quality, while another 720p videos gets the HQ button and looks like 360p?
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  2. I apologize for starting this topic, because my problem was solved on its own - I got the HD button on this video an hour after uploading. You can delete the topic, if you want to. Cheers!
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