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  1. Hi,

    Currently I am using the job queue in Virtualdub to upscale a set of 4:3 videos to 1080p 16:9 video using bicubic or lanzcos scaling. Some videos are scaled ignoring the aspect ratio, others are scaled and cropped to match 16:9 (the cropping rectangle is not center aligned). The video is compressed using x264vfw.

    This pipeline works well, but compression is slow with x264 (between 5 to max. 9 fps). When I use no compression the fps is a magnitude higher. Conversion with other tools which support the Mainconcept h264 codec produce rates around 40fps but these tools do not support scaling (cropping).

    Is there a similar codec like the x264 working with Virtualdub with similar output filesizes and quality but better performance? Or can you recommend a software which supports direct show filters, like Mainconcept's h264 codec, and can perform the scaling/cropping as described above on a batch of files?

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  2. CPU, GPU, hard drives, RAM, bus speed; source file type, raster and codec; other processes and encoder settings all contribute to encoding speed. Where exactly are you starting from?
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  3. There is a 100 fold difference between the fastest and slowest x264 settings. Depending on what settings you're currently using you may be able to use faster settings without significant loss of quality.
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  4. These are my current settings:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	x264settings.jpg
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  5. Banned
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    Really, does it take an Einstein to figure out that
    Preset: Veryslow
    just might be part of the problem here?
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  6. After posting the picture I saw this setting as well .
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  7. Try the veryfast preset and see what you think.
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  8. What is wrong with ffmpeg?
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