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  1. I'm on the verge of buying one of these however I've read recently a few reports on faults on them and having to be returned at the moment you can't find one anywhere however the last week or so some places are getting stock of them I've watched and read a lot of youtube vids etc on this camera and read a lot of reviews I really need some advice here what pushed me towards this model was the image stabilising and the controlling of the camera from an iPad etc what I wasn't so happy with thou was no slow motion and that the ports are open to the elements with the screen open now what I'm asking here is are there any other cameras offering the same if not better facilities from canon or Sony etc I'm quite prepared to pay good money for a good camera
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  2. I've been told the reason these have been in short supply is that panasonic warehouse have installed a new system and had problems on another post on here I see someone had issues with one they bought from John lewis the only one I've seen for sale was at John Lewis however it was the only one was on display and had been handled by god knows how many
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