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  1. Hi friends

    I have .mp4 or .avi video that has its associated .srt subtitles with the timings: 2 questions,
    1 How can i combine all the subtitles as part of the video instead of a separate file - whats the best open source app (speed) to use. I read anyconverter prof can do it.
    2 I am using avidemux to select some clips, can it also take the subtiltles can put into the video.

    Thanks in advance from newbie.
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    If you don't mind putting them in a different container ie MKV then this can be achieved simply and quickly without any re encoding by using MKVMergeGui. Just add the video and associate srt files and go. Takes about a minute or two. But it depends on what playback gear you have if MKV is an acceptable container...
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  3. Yes Sydney mate. MKV is also my preferred container which vlc can play. By the way can mkv container be converted to mpg.

    Just a second thought, does all this mean that mkvmergegui must start with mkv container. So if i have an avi container, i have to first change ti to mkv. Did i get this right??
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  4. Like mnetmask56 wrote: Start mmg, throw the video file and the subtitle file in it, save the file and you are done with packing everything into an mkv.

    By the way can mkv container be converted to mpg.
    sure, nowadays nearly all tools which can output mpg should be able to handle mkv one way or the other.
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  5. Thanks Germany Selur, World soccer champion. I like to rephrase my questions to hope to put my whole mission in better perspective.

    I have a DVD player with a USB port that can read only a limited video format of a certain max size.
    Video Codec: DIVX, MPEG,
    Audio Codex: MP3, MP2,
    Container: AVI, MPG

    I would like to convert some of my video files to be played by thru this port. I rely on Avidemux to convert and to edit. In the transfer I have 2 objectives in order of priority 1) try not to re-encode to SAVE TIME 2) reduce size of file (this will conflict with my 1st objective of not re-encoding)

    Recently I want to add srt titles to these videos before I do clipping so as to retain the titles timing but Avidemux donít handle titles. AVDM in my opinion is great as it allows you to change the video & audio codec and the container in one good.
    As a newbie, I am researching for the best way to achieve my purposes and am now digging into my favourite VLC to find the way. Gurus have you any advice. Thanks.

    PS I just found with mkv container titles remain as separate entity in it thus when I try to take clips off it into avi, title don't appear. Is this right.
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  6. Hi guys

    Please HELP

    I use mmg to mux a avi video with an srt file by adding the srt, it says it return code 0 or is successful. The resulting mkv does not contain the titles. I found out when i rename the srt no title appear. In short the mkv still depend on the srt.

    If i append instead of "add", it failed to go on reporting a major error.

    I also use vlc to do the same on another avi and corresponding srt, same thing appeared.
    One more thing, when i convert to mp4 the file have no video, just noise. If i convert to asf, picture fine but same title issue.

    Please help this newbie.
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  7. Ok guys update!!

    I use an editor to have look at the mkv file and found that the titles are in fact there. Hence what happen the vlc V2.1.3 did not display. I use media player it is there.

    Still hope you experts can answer some questions i posted above. By the way i just found that titles is in another track, once that track is selected vlc display the titles, nothing to do with "default element values as the trouble shooting refers.

    I still have the doubt that if i can extract clips from this mkv file, my DVD player will not display the text. Any help here.
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