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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently trying to use the RemoveDirtMC filter with the following code in my avs script:

    However I am unable to perform the command. I'm not sure if it's a plugin issue as everything seems to add up but if anyone could shed any light on why this could be occuring it would be much appreciated. I've also included a link to the filter below. Earlier versions of this script work fine (same parameters) but I'm looking to use a more modern version that works with mvtools2.

    RemoveDirtMC filter

    I might have forgotten to edit out the LoadPlugin lines if you attempt to test it.
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  2. What's the exact error message? What's your script?

    If you got this from that guy on Doom9 who offers a lot of modded scripts, I never found any of them worth a damn. They never worked for me.
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    I'll echo manono: what specific error message do you get? Couple of years ago someone tried to estimate the total number of error messages that you could get from Avisynth's most popular plugins, but he had to give up when he reached 1,000 and saw no end in sight.

    Did you check the plugin's requirements (
    - MVTools (v2.5.11.0)
    - Masktools (v2.0a48)
    - RemoveGrainT (v1.0) package
    - RemoveDirt (v0.9) package
    - AvsRecursion (v0.2)
    - FluxSmooth (v1.1)
    - NLMeansCL package (AvsFilterNet.dll, Cloo.dll, NLMeansCL_netautoload.dll)
    - NVIDIA GeForce 8 series or newer VGA
    - My sister Ann's brother
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  4. I'm using MeGUI to preview these scripts and it provides a random "corrupt memory" error when loading the avs. Nothing more is listed in the log, no line number, nothing. Also as it stands that post to the "RemoveDirtMC_SE" script with it requirements doesn't seem to do the job.

    EDIT: After some browsing through other filters I've come to realize that the current version of mvtools is (which I've seen as officially) and that version DOES work with these scripts. Solved!
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    If you're looking to remove tape spottiness, and they're random (not part of the tape, just with the VCR being flaky), and you still have the tape, a much, much better method is with multiple captures and AJK's median() filter:

    Originally Posted by manono
    If you got this from that guy on Doom9 who offers a lot of modded scripts, I never found any of them worth a damn. They never worked for me.
    Originally Posted by LMotlow
    I'll echo manono...
    And I'll echo too. My sentiments exactly as stated in the latter part of #21 of that thread.

    But glad to see you got yours up and running.
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