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  1. Hi,
    I would like to find a good movie editor that is free and and can handle multiple sound tracks and Green Screen effects. Can you suggest one, Im currently just trying out movie maker 2.6but having trouble with green screen) and VSDC movie editor.

    So is there something better you have used ?
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  2. You can try Blender or Aviutl. Or you can spend $40 and get something easier to learn and use like Vegas Movie Studio.
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  3. Ok, and thankyou. But isnt Blender a 3D modelling tool and not a movie editor ? Ive used Blender to make a few very simple objects such as the yellow submarine
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    Blender has a video editor. Aviutl is easier to learn and fits your requirements. LightWorks is another option, but the free version only allows export to 720p mp4. Lots of options in Linux also.

    Movie Studio for $40 is a good deal and a lot easier to learn than the editors mentioned so far......
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  5. Thanks, I'm trying out Blender !
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