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  1. When a video clip is taken and the camera is not exactly horizontal, the result is a video which appear askew, not in level position.

    I was told that the programs that make rotate and straighten the video are very expensive but I canít afford them.

    Is there any affordable or free software which can slightly rotate and straighten such a video?

    Thank you in advance!
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  2. Pretty much every editor has rotate functions. Even the free ones. Try VirtualDub, AviDemux, etc.
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  3. avidemux can only do it in large 90 degree increments. vdub's rotate2 filter can do it in decimal precision, aviutl is another free option with fine control

    when you rotate the image, you will have black borders at the corners so you usually have to zoom in, or fill the background with something else. When you zoom in image becomes softer.
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  4. Thanks poisondeathray,

    but these programs are for Windows only - I have Mac...

    Any programs working on Mac?
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  5. And note: those rotations are not dynamic. They don't automatically keep your video level if the rotation angle changes. Some de-shaker filters can deal with that.
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    If you have a Mac, then this should be in the Mac Forum. Moving you.

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    Some Mac tools:
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  7. ffmpeg also has a rotation filter (; ffplay could be used to preview the effect.
    (just checked mplayer/mencoder also does have the rotate filter)
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