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    Hello all,

    Videos were accidentally deleted from my Canon Vixia HF R400 camera on my Sandisk Extreme SDXC card. I DID NOT record over the disk. I restored the files with Data Rescue 3 but they are all black. I've tried some softwares like "TREASURED" and they show some scenes on my video so I know something is there. I also know that something is there because the videos play and they very in size. I am starting to really freak out. My son's first moments since birth are on there. I've spend a solid day and a half trying to get them to play but nothings working. I think part of the problem is that my operating software on my Macbook Pro is 10.4.11 and a lot of these softwares wont download so I am waiting to get my brothers laptop tomorrow.

    Please help if you can. I'd be even willing to pay one of you guys if you could help me.

    PS What I really dont understand is that when I restores the vidoes on the Sandisk card with Data Rescue I saw pictures on it that I never took. They were from someone who previously owned the card. His pictures came out great but my videos are black...I don't get it
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    Put your SD card on a Windows System and try either PCI FileRecover or ZAR DiskRecovery. I've managed to recover many deleted or formatted SD cards using those two free tools. Make sure you don't use the card until you recover the lost files!!!!!
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    Too late (unless you're mis-speaking): "when I restores the vidoes on the Sandisk card with Data Rescue" sounds an AWFUL lot like you restored them BACK ONTO the card. Which is major NO NO in file recovery. If you did misspeak, or I misunderstood, ignore this, but NOT the caveat about restoring back to the same drive/disc/card. You shouldn't even mount the card if you can possibly manage it. Certainly, move the write tab to the safe/read-only position.

    The reason you might be getting good outcomes from a previous incarnation of the card is that the card just had a simple format done to it in the intervening period and those previously-recorded sectors were still intact (just un-addressable). It's not so hard to restore photos and/or text files: they're small. Much harder for audio, and harder still for video (remember: a 10 minute clip comprises the equivalent of 18,000 photos) due to sheer size.

    #1 - try out MULTIPLE recovery/restore apps and use the best clips from each. But remember, recovery from a data/filesystem standpoint is not always (or even often) the same thing as recovery to pristine, playable media. There may be a 2nd or 3rd level of fixing needing to be done. You may have to go back to square-one many times.

    #2 - depends on what happened during the format, how it was formatted, and what actually has happened in the meantime on the card. Those multiple apps I mentioned can work on different aspects of the problem: undelete, filesystem recovery, data corruption, media stream formatting & proper indexing.

    #3 - be patient and prepared to PAY.

    #4 - use known-good analyzers (incl.d MediaInfo).

    #5 - For something like this, a Mac is NOT the computer of choice. There just aren't enough of the proper apps to work with this (remember the Vixia and nearly ALL other cams do NOT use Mac OS or Filesystems, but rather industry-standard FAT32, exFAT, UDF, etc).


    P.s. #6 - Brace yourself for the possibility that you may not get all, much, or even ANY of the material back. I know that sounds blunt, but in the big picture, those are just the icing on the cake (you still have your child, and your own memories).
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