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  1. I'm not entirely sure where I should have posted this but I'm looking into getting a camcorder in fact this one:
    But I need to be able to have the video be recorded directly to my computer and use it for live streams. The camera has an HDMI and a USB slot, both of which I can use to connect to my computer. I intend to record youtube videos and livestreams and was preferably thinking about using a camcorder rather than a webcam as I can capture other things when I'm not at my computer, but like I said I need the feed to be able to go direct to my computer, rather than saving it and transferring it over.

    Is there a way I can do this, or shall I simply just buy a decent webcam instead?
    Thanks guys
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    Looking at the manual, it appears that the USB port can only be used for transferring previously recorded material.

    You can test the camera's ability to provide a live picture by hooking it up to a TV using HDMI. If you can see a live picture on the TV then there are HD capture devices with HDMI connections that should allow you to stream live video. Your choice of capture devices is limited by your PC specs, which you neglected to supply in your computer details. However, a webcam may be less expensive than some HDMI capture devices.
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  3. Doesn't look like that camcorder can output video stream through the USB port, you would have to get an HDMI capture device to input the video into your PC. You would probably better off with an HD webcam.
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