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  1. Hello. Does anyone know if it is possible to encode an MPEG video file which includes "scene check marks"?
    These marks are then used by subtitling software to correctly place the subtitles, so that a subtitle does not run over a scene/shot change.

    Some programs call them "scene check marks", others, "information about cuts/scene changes".

    Thank you very much...
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  2. Maybe there is such a thing, but I wouldn't know. There are subtitle programs that allow you to play the video while subbing to make it easy to cut off the sub before a scene change, something like Aegisub. It also marks keyframes. There are lots of keyframes in a movie, but almost all scene changes occur at keyframes, so it's almost what you're looking for.
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    Have a look at this program There are however many subtitle program's that are free that you could also try, just look in the tools section of the videohelp.

    You can get a free trial of Womble's subtitle program.
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