Hi All,

am very new to this domian, need of your valuable inputs to clear of my problem. Below is the details ;

1. I developed piece of code to support E-AC3 in broadcast device which already have support of ac3.

2. Giving input as Eac3.ts stream file( video + EAC3) and passed to device for processing, ouput from the device is recorded through Ts reader.

3. Two way of recording carried out here, the first one is "record by PIDs" and "Record by program".

4. In analyzer giving Input to analyze the file which is generated by "Record by PIDs" method able to see EAC3.ts stream file ( contians video & EAC3) in it but by "Record by program" it is only showing video elementray stream missing EAC3 stream.

If it is very useful to guide me where to look over for this problem say PAT, PMT formation or sync word area....