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    I've installed GPAC and MP4Box GUI but they installed to two separate locations. How do I make MP4Box GUI use the mp4box.exe in the GPAC folder and not the one in its own folder?

    Do I need GPAC to demux files with MP4Box GUI?

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  2. I don't play with MP4s much, but I've used My MP4Box GUI to demux MP4s and I don't have the MP4Box GPAC Framework installed.

    If there's a newer version of MP4Box have you tried replacing all the relevant files in the "My MP4Box GUI\Tools" folder with the newer versions? You could always make a backup copy of the current Tools folder in case MyMP4Box doesn't work properly with the new version.

    Mind you I downloaded My MP4Box GUI version and "MP4BOX_GPAC.Framework.Setup-0.5.0" and they both seem to include the same version of MP4Box.exe. Are you downloading a GPAC beta version?

    You can download "MP4BOX_GPAC.Framework.Setup-0.5.0.exe" (or a beta version) and extract it's contents to a folder with 7zip (as you'd extract a zip file) and you'll find the relevant files inside. No need to install it. Whether My MP4Box GUI will necessarily work properly with newer versions.... I've no idea.
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