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  1. Hello,

    I've never made, much less edited any video. Now I need to do both. I'd like to do this digitally.

    Have you ever seen a conference or corporate meeting where a speaker is speaking at a podium and referencing bullet points on some big screen? The video will cut between the speaker speaking, and the video screen with the bullet points (his voice will still speak when the bullet points are up on the video)? You can see tons of these things on youtube. Well, that's what I need to do. I need to film a speaker speaking at such an engagement, and I need to edit the video to cut between him speaking, and the talking points (with his voice over the talking points).

    Can you recommend free software that I can use for this?

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  2. This sounds more like a PowerPoint presentation. Having said that any NLE can overlay text. Sony Vegas is one. is another.
    Free is limited. Learning curve may be the real limiter. None of these programs are easy to learn.
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    When you do settle on an editor, you can do what you'd like using 2 tracks. If you have the Powerpoint slides saved as jpg stills, you can simply place the video of the speaker on the bottom track and place the jpg stills on the track above that track. That way, the audio does not get touched.

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