Hi guys!

Im working on a library sites that aiming for a catalog of rare skate videos from defunct brands. Lot of them are only available in ports on youtube and such. SI have been downloading and organizing, and now I have a whole bunch of mp4īs. First I tried to use simple apps to merge the mp4 as is, went very quick but seeing the clips had different frame rates and bitrates, it didn't work. So I had to reencode them, and merge them at the same time. Im using a freeware program for this from the appstore att the moment, but I do have access to Premier if needed.

My problem is that the size changes, and I need to keep them in the same size. What would work best would be if I just could joined them without re-encoding regardless of the differences, if the videos changes in quality or such when playing, that wouldn't be an issue. Seeing I have about 50 gigs of files, re-encoding would take a long time. If re-encoding is the best options, without losing quality, what would be the best format to re-encode to, or encoder to use, without having a later file then the original files?