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  1. I am trying to buy a hdmi cable to connect my laptop to a TV

    I am looking at this one in specific :

    however my laptop ( a lenovo thinkpad x220) has a displayport and an ethernet port. The specs of the hdmi cable says it supports ethernet . Will this hdmi cable work with my laptop if I plug one end into the ethernet port? I cant tell if it would work from the user manual.
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    That is an HDMIv1.4 cable, with HDMI connectors on both ends; you can't plug any end of that cable to an ethernet LAN (8P8C jack) port. The ethernet part is an electrical specification update and uses two of the pins on that connector to allow devices connected to one another via HDMI to also have ethernet via the same cable without using separate RJ45 cables.
    Best you buy a displayport-2-hdmi cable instead.
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  3. You cannot physically plug an HDMI cable into an Ethernet port. What exactly are you trying to do? You just want watch video playing on you laptop on your on TV? Do you need to add internet access to the TV?
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  4. Aside Jagabo's correct answer you should note that both devices connected to an HDMI 1.4_/2.0 cable have to support HEC to use the functionality.
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  5. Originally Posted by iceblitzed View Post
    however my laptop ( a lenovo thinkpad x220) has a displayport
    then you need converter from DP to HDMI.

    Ethernet over HDMI require HDMI output and it is limited to IIRC 100Mbps - way to low to transmit uncompressed hires video in realtime.
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