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    I can't figure this the audio on some files instantly goes out of sync. It only happens in pot player. I have updated k lite I've switched from ffdshow audio to lav audio to the default audio. nothing seems to work.on the internal DXVA decoder it seems to be fine on my settings I'm using madvr. I poked around in but have not found any audio related settings. Any thoughts or ideas?

    ps: it only happens on the 32 client the 64 doesn't have the issue. but i cant use madvr on 64 though i don't know for sure its a potplayer issue but i don't use mpc. vlc is not having any issues with either client.

    a little more on the sync. it starts to happen instantly. they then get further and further apart almost like one is set to 29fps and the other 24.

    this all started after i up today with 1.6.48576 / 1.6.48924 Beta (July 09, 2014) Download PotPlayer 1.6.48576 (direct link)
    Download PotPlayer 1.6.48576 64-bit (direct link).
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  2. Initialize the player in preferences. It's a starting point.
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  3. If you think a Potplayer update started the problem, it might pay to go back to the previous version to see if it stops happening. If you do, it's probably still a good idea to reset the player for testing.

    What happens if you use a different renderer? Is that what you meant when you referred to trying the "internal DXVA decoder"? I ask as I don't use MadVR and I can't remember if you can use DXVA with it. Maybe try a different renderer. EVR or WMR9 etc if you haven't already. Maybe MadVR is being overly-demanding on your video card. Did you change any of it's settings?
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