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  1. Hi

    I have a macbook pro and it works ok connecting my Canon HV30 to it via firewire using iMovie and producing videos.
    The HV30 records 1080i
    When I import the video the best output it will offer is 720p.
    There is an option for 1080p but that is greyed out.

    So the question is (after trawling google and forums for a while with no success)

    What is the best and relatively cheapest way to import my MiniDV HD footage in original 1080i ?

    Also what is the best way to transfer the tape footage to the Mac in the best HDD format possible to then edit in various video editors in the future (possibly same question)?

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  2. Different versions of macbook pro and different versions of imovie have different capabilities, so please be very specific about both. Only FW400 or Thunderbold->FW800 will work properly.

    Generally, HDV is 1440x1080i. Unplug the firewire and make sure the camera is set to output HDV (assuming you actually shot HDV,) not auto. Make sure imovie is also configured correctly for 1440x1080i. Replug and try again.

    The best format in this case, for any editing down the road is to keep the native HDV data. About 13GB/hr.
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    To be clear: the hv30 records in HD using 1080p24, 1080p30, or 1080i60. However, the 2 progressive formats are not available to all versions, and if they are, they are as PsF encapsulated within a standard 1080i60 stream. So, to the Mac ALL streams would look like 1080i60.

    The fact that your Mac can only capture as 720 is a fault of that Mac and/or its apps. Try a different capturing app, perhaps FCP or Premiere.

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  4. I import 1080i into FCPx from a Sony with no issues. I am not sure how iMovie handles HDV.
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