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  1. Okay, i am encoding ac3 5.1 to Aac 2.1
    i know how to pipe eac3to in neroAacEnc
    Here is the code i am using:
    eac3to "inputfile.ac3" stdout.wav -downDpl | neroaacenc -q 0.36 -ignorelength -if - -of outputfile.aac
    Sound is almost perfect but i think its sometimes a little louder (which sounds good to me) and sometimes quieter.
    So I was wondering if i could normalize or apply drc to the audio file
    I have googled a lot but couldn't find what i want
    so how do i apply drc to the audio ?
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  2. You could the pipe eac3to output to sox, do your normalization/drc stuff inside sox and then pipe the sox output to nereoaacenc.
    (collected a few drc example settings here)
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