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  1. Hallo,
    I am currently using a Sony HDR-CX730 camcorder and I think, it's working just fine. I like it because of the stabilisation system and the missing of rolling shutter, but the photo function is bad.
    Now I am interested in the bridge camera DSC-HX400 as a replacement. It seems to use the same stabilisation system und can record in 50p too.
    My question: Is the overall video quality identical (sharpness, color, low light, rolling shutter and stabi)? The HX400 doesn't have a mic input, but can use a Sony mic with its active shoe. The missing of 5.1 is no issue for me.
    Beneath the better photo quality, the 50x optical zoom is a nice feature. Interesting, that the CX730 costs twice as much as the HX400.
    What are your thoughts?
    Greetings from Germany!
    PS: Please excuse my poor English.
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  2. I see nothing in the specs to suggest the HV400 should be any better than the CX730 (quite the opposite.) What leads you to believe otherwise?
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  3. Photo quality and zoom range should be better. I just want to know, if the video quality is identical.
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  4. I don't know. 24 vs 20 megapixels in favor of the 730, larger image sensor for the 730. Yes the 400 has a longer zoom. But the 730 is ergonomically and electronically a video camera -- optimized for video mode.

    But the only way to really know is a side by side comparison.
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  5. The sensor of the CX730 is smaller (1/2,88), but has a lower resolution of ca. 6 MP. Photos with "higher" resolutions are only interpolated. The camcorder acts very slowly with photos and has only a LED "flash". The sensor of the HX400 is bigger (1/2,3), but has a higher resolution of ca. 20 MP (=smaller pixels on the chip). The one chip is optimized for video, the other for photos. I wonder, if this is visible in video mode.
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    Do not forget: Cameras had lower visible video resolution than camcorders.
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