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  1. I'm brand new to editing. I'm working with Sony Vegas Pro 9 on Windows 7. I have 5 clips of a sunset that plays for a total of about 1 1/2 hours; I'd like the same content to play in super fast motion say 10-15 minutes. I'd also like to then add some music to the 10-15 minute version. I've clicked on properties and have seen that I can speed it up to 4 x's playback but no faster than that.


    I also have access to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 on Windows and could also get access to Adobe Premiere Pro CC on a Mac...


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  2. The usual workaround in vegas is to export a lossless format, reimport, reapply ... rinse & repeat

    What people typicaly do is use avisynth or virtualdub to select every "nth" frame instead if you want to do it in 1 go round, and add +/- other effects like motion blur etc...
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    Timelapse sunset tutorial in Vegas. Enjoy.
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  4. - Double post -
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