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  1. I've tried Sony Vegas 11 and iSkysoft Video Editor, both seem to handle cropping in a similar fashion. If you have a long video but have focussed in on the brief action you want to crop around, when you press 'crop', the crop preview window starts way back at the beginning of the whole long video (ie. it doesn't jump the crop window to point at which you actually want to crop). Its very annoying, as you have to again search all the way through to long video to find the little part you want in order to get the cropping window properly set.

    I don't suppose anyone knows of a different video editing app for Windows that allows cropping in an easier manner? thanks
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  2. Add edits with the razor tool around the section you want to affect.
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  3. thanks - can you tell me where this 'razor tool' is? What program are you thinking of, in particular?
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  4. I was thinking Vegas but got it confused with Premiere -- oops. Click on your clip and press "s" to add an edit, or select "split" from the edit menu.
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    When you set the playback cursor to the point you want to start cropping, click on the little crop tool icon and it opens right exactly to that point.

    Then you can zoom in and set keyframes around your edit.

    The little crop icon on the event stays illuminated to remind you there's a pan/crop edit in that event.

    Or you can split out that section, like smrpix mentioned, but then it becomes a separate event, so you would need to Group it back together if you want to do an event-wide fX.

    There are a half dozen different approaches to do this. Depends on the big picture, AKA overall workflow needs.
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