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  1. I Have a Hauppage HD PVR Rocket, and I have it setup so i can pump my xbone and cable box into my pc...

    now i can watch the signals in hauppage's own software, but its big and clunky. I tried setting it us as a capture device in VLC but since it's not an actual tv tuner, I have tried all the settings and nothing works. There must be some kind of software I can use just to open up the video feed coming into the rocket in a simple window? I don't need to record or anything, just watch.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  2. Have you upgraded the firmware? Apparently "Rocket recordings are now compatible with the VLC media player", don't know if that means the preview window too. Check the last line on the support page, maybe you can use the streaming function to feed to VLC; you probably need to setup a VLC server.
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    Capture4ME definitely supports the HD-PVR Rocket, so maybe NextPVR does too. (NextPVR supports the HD-PVR-2 and Colossus. Capture4ME was written by the same author.) Other than that, you might be able to use GraphStudio, to create a re-usable viewing graph, although it is not an intuitive process for beginners.
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