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    I've been making backups for over a decade now, but until recently I used Windows. Now, I have a Mac, and the software selection is pitiful in comparison. I've found the things I need to make simple main-movie or full-disc backups, but now I'm trying to make compilations of cartoons culled from a bunch of different DVDs. I did this a while back when I had Windows; I used some free software that was very bare-bones: I made an ugly, bare-bones menu, with just the title of each cartoon along with a representative image (though honestly, I don't even need the image), using some default template.

    But now, I've been looking all over, and can't find anything similar for Macs! The ones I can find, like Free DVD Creator, iSkysoftDVDCreator, etc., seem to be re-encoding the VOBs. I want to just leave the VOBs I've ripped alone: I don't want to shrink them or change their size in any way! I just want to make a bare-bones, text-only even, menu, that links to each of the cartoons on the disk.

    Does anyone have any software suggestions?

    Thank you so much!
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  2. Have you tried DVDStyler?

    Watch out for the adware when installing.

    Edit: a very kind person has uploaded iDVD for you unfortunate Mac users
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