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  1. Thanks for the recent help given in getting Handbrake to make a smaller MKV than 6 gb.

    After twiddling a bit I have the file greatly reduced to 1.2 gb for 2hrs and 9 minutes. But no sound.

    If a demux job is required please give details.

    If my Handbrake size reduction is the problem advise on that. But this is specifically a sound problem.
    It's like there's nothing there at all and including the original large MKV.

    I will get another sample and see if it's my new OS setup that is to pblame as well.
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  2. Found it.

    The speaker icon / mixer in Win 7 must start in a turned off X-ed out state. I toggled it and sound comes on.

    Thanks to this thread for putting me on the right path:
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