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  1. I'm not very well versed in video editing, I just learn it as I go, I know the basics on how video files work, but know nothing about editing tools (beyond the basics of avidemux). I've been using avidemux for editing videos but so far I've been doing everything manually. I'm sure theres a not too complicated way to selectively cut out unwanted scenes from video files. I'll start with a simple example, I like to remove the credits at the begiinning and end. At the end there is usually a black screen with some text. That should be easily to recognise with the right software (does avidemux have visual recognition tools built in?), so it automatically marks and cuts out the end credits. For commercials its a bit tricker, but they start and end quite abruptly, with a blatant change in scenery, that should be easy to spot with an algorithm. I have a project right now tht requires me to cut out all scenes that don't contain a specific person and doing this manually is very time consuming. Facial/visual recognition software is pretty advanced, I'm sure a simple algorithm could be used to determne if the character is in the scene based on the clothes, place they are standing etc. I'm a programmer myself, I could write an algorithm to do this, but I have no knowlege on video editing, without that I wouldn't know where to start, and it would be pretty time consuming either way, there must be software available that can do this kinda thing.

    BTW if anyone with advanced knowledge on mutlimedia and video/audio editing thinks this algorithm thing is a good idea, tell me and we can make some software.

    EDIT: I read an article:
    but couldn't fully make sense of it. I followed the instructions to Tools->Scan then output the backframes to a text file. The issue is I don't know what to do with these back frames. Is there a way to feed that txt file into avidemux so avidemux will automatically split the video into multiple scenes, based on the back frame list? That would make things a lot easier since I wouldn't need to rely on complicated video editing software.

    avidemux is great, but I'm guessing it has its limitations, any tips or suggestions on better tools to use for this kinda thing would be appreciated.
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    I would checkout commercial editors like Videoredo and see if it has any good scene change algoritms.
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  3. programmatically cutting out commercial is never easy: the characteristics that define the transition between the main show and the commercials varies among different broadcast stations and varies even more for different parts of the world.

    Scene change detection alone can only suggest candidates for cut points, but a show can normally has many scene change.
    Face detection is not difficult using OpenCV library, but the appearance or disappearance of a human face has weak relation with commercial section (the commercial can have people too, and the main TV show may have been showing animals' face instead of human)
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  4. I wonder how many here would trust any program to automatically edit out adverts? I wouldn't.

    OTOH, accurate scene change detection and flagging them on a timeline is useful. Then you can check each one with minimum delay and set mark out/in points. For example, I found HDTV2MPEG2 to be very accurate at this. Too bad it only works with MPEG2 transport streams (OTA captures).
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    VideoReDo will find the scene changes (as DVDLab would also do), but the editing is manual.

    This is important, as not all commercials "break" on the scene change.

    The OP will still have to do some work.

    The down side of VideoReDo is it typically accepts only .mpg or .tivo file formats.
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