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  1. Im having an quite old DVD (i think) looks it can be like 1999-2005. The DVD shows up in my CD/DVD player on PC as "DVD RW DRIVE [D:].
    DVDShrink was able to show the Title of the DVD as picture below.... none of the others were able to

    new disney x-project DRM encrypted DVD detected main title 2

    63 Chapters with random length each...... wtf , 2 titles

    9 titles, each contains 48minutes, 1,810MB

    Please guys what the **** is this, they made more effort and put more money into making this DVD unstoppable from copying than money from selling it?
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  2. Decrypt it properly to the hard drive first and then begin again.
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  3. Originally Posted by manono View Post
    Decrypt it properly to the hard drive first and then begin again.
    First i used DVDFab Passkey Lite with DVD decrypter and then the file was able to play with DVDShrink as the picture says. But from there i cant do anything more Can you provide me with a tip?

    The DVD plays just fine in a normal DVDPlayer
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    Years ago I came to the conclusion that Disney developed their own in house version of an ARCCOS like program. What I mean is that they developed their own "bad sector copy protection" program similar to how ARCCOS works, but it's not ARCCOS. It's their own. However, Delfy is NOT a Disney property so you can't take what Mac The Ripper says as being 100% accurate. It's probably trying to tell you that it's using a bad sector copy protection variant similar to what Disney has used in the past.

    I own AnyDVD HD and it can usually rip such bad sector copy protected discs. However, I need to explain something to you. I never heard of Delfy before. I had to look it up. It's a Spanish (as in "from Spain") cartoon that may be known in some other European countries as your versions appears to be in either Norwegian, Danish or Swedish (don't know which - it just looks like one of those to me). One of the problems you may be having with this disc is that it's only sold in a few countries like, say, Spain and Denmark, so the people behind DVDFab and AnyDVD don't have a copy and they don't have the exact information needed to correctly rip it. This happens all the time. If a DVD or BD isn't from the USA or maybe the UK, the odds are fairly high that the AnyDVD and DVDFab folks won't have a copy. There is almost an infinite number of variations possible on bad sector copy protection. From time to time we get posts from people who buy DVDs that are only sold in their country, like as an example a DVD sold in Hungary of a Hungarian film that never played anywhere else. and the manufacturer may use this type of copy protection, but they use a variation nobody else has used in the USA in the past. The ripping programs won't know how to deal with it.

    DVDFab is in a kind of crazy legal state right now because they got sued in a US court and failed to show up for the hearing. A default judgement was granted against them. They pulled their operations back to China where they can operate outside of the reach of US law. You can try contacting the DVDFab about this problem, but to get it fixed, you're probably going to have to donate a copy of the DVD to them. China's postal system is horrible. Your stuff will probably get there, but it will take weeks, even to major cities, for almost anything to arrive. I've seen worse postal systems in that at least China's seems to be honest and they don't just sometimes steal your packages rather than deliver them. DVDShrink hasn't been updated in many years and it generally doesn't understand this kind of bad sector copy protection. I can't speak to how good/bad Win X DVD Copy Pro is because frankly none of our experienced members here use it. We ONLY use DVDFab, AnyDVD or the cheap people use MakeMKV or maybe DVDFab Passkey (if they can get it to work longer than 30 days).
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  5. Thank you for the response jman98 i think you are correct.... sad but true :/

    Here is the DVD case which in my oppinion looks to be all from 90's - 2006

    There isnt even an actual naming on who made this DVD more than a email adress which is random and a name called "dvd group" but in swedish language.

    Really odd that they took 2 episodes from this series sent on Swedish channel 5 , made it onto a DVD and bought some really odd strange copy protection scheme and sold it in a very small quantity :S makes no sense to me

    1. They are unknown
    2. Put more money and effort into copy protecting it than sellling and earning money from it
    3. distributed it in a very small quantity only here in sweden
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