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  1. Hi all
    Can anyone suggest the best way to do voice overs? Where is a good tutorial or resource any of you experts can recommend to a newbie?!
    Thank you
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    Best way?

    1. Great vocal talent
    2. Great vocal direction, as feedback in talent' s ear (plus themselves) through circumaural headphones
    3. Great large diaphragm condenser or ribbon microphone, placed close but slightly high, with popfilter & shockmount
    4. Non-resonant Iso booth, with triple-paned window & 2 layers of doors, on floating floor. Also padded music stand for script.
    5. Clean, simple, high quality path to recorder

    Are you talking about doing it in sync to visuals/ADR?

    Then you would add to the above a timecode window-dubbed linked visual reference showing on large common monitor.
    Also, click track for looping countdowns and punch-ins.

    Common to any/all of this would be the need for multitrack mixer & DAW with facilities for phantom powering, foldback (with separate submixes) and soloing.

    Steps: Talk (while recording), Listen. Repeat as needed.

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