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  1. Hi all
    Apologies in advance for the rambling post, please bear with me!!

    I use URUsoft Subtitle workshop to add subtitles and subtitle edit when the video doesn't load in subtitle workshop.
    I always get sent videos in .mov and then I use anydvdconverter to change them to a format that I can use subtitleworkshop (mpeg if i remember right).

    If I remember correctly I always end up using mpeg files and then converting the original .avi files and then compiling the files in autogk or anydvdconverter but I always run into issues of the files being out of sync (they were perfect in the subtitle workshop). However, I always work it out in the end through trial and error and/or changing the subtitle times.

    What is the correct way to do this so that I can have a good quality file to work with in subtitle workshop that will compile without problems. Thank you very much in advance
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  2. Your post is a bit confusing, since you on one hand talk about 'always get sent videos in .mov' and on the other hand you talk about 'converting the original .avi files', so it's unclear what your video source material is (container and stream formats are unclear!). Also it's unclear if you got a separate existing subtitle file which comes with the source, if you write the subtitles your self, what format the subtitles are in, it's also unclear if the mpeg file you got is still sync with the subtitles or not,....

    So my will guess is that your source if vfr and somewhere during processing the vfr->cfr conversion fails.

    First thing I would try to remux the input file (whatever format it is) using mmg/mkvmerge into a .mkv file, then analyze the file using MediaInfo and check if it indicates vfr or not. (personally I would also extract the time codes and look at them myself, since I do not really trust MediaInfo)

    -> more details if you hope for help
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  3. And how do you play these .mov (or .avi)?

    Keep the orignals, sync in Subtitle Edit (Change the player to VLC instead of DirectShow) and play?
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