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  1. Hi all,

    I use a Sony mid-consumer camcorder shooting in AVCHD 1080 50p @ 28 mbit/s. When my card is full, I save the content to my NAS for future use (and back up to the cloud). The content of such a card are MTS files. For home/family/holiday shooting I'd like to edit some and create a movie for let's say our latest holiday. However, for space saving, I'd like to save the completed movie in a smaller format to play on my TV. Loss of some detail is fine, but I can't seem to find a format/program that creates a smooth end product. It is not "smooth" enough in panning and faster movements. (Playing the original MTS files is fine)

    I've tried Windows Movie Maker, VideoPad VideoEdior, VSDC Free Video Editor and now trials of Sony Movie Studio Platinum and Corel VideoStudio Pro X7. I like the Sony program but it produces sub standard quality when choosing the standard MP4 save option. AVCHD save option produces good results but again large M2TS files (around 50% of original).

    Can anyone help me in the direction of creating smooth files based on my MTS source files? Or is the "Sony M2TS" save option the best choice?

    Thanks, Ralph
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  2. Using Sony Movie Studio try upping the bit rate when rendering to MP4. You will have to customize a template to do that.
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  3. In Vegas Movie Studio be sure your project settings match your footage, and be sure your export matches your project. Then up your bitrate a little as treetops suggests.
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