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  1. Hello cats,

    please do you know a plugin for VLC or other program that do Waveform/Vectorscope on a video file?


    ps. this 2 files are bars from my camera in Hd mode:

    and SD mode:
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  2. Most decent NLE's will have them

    vdub color tools plugin by trevlac

    avisynth histogram , histogram("color")

    ffmpeg/ffplay -vf histogram, either colors, waveform, levels modes
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  3. mm thanks, but how is the commandline to generate a video file with "overimpressed" vector/waveform?
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  4. Code:
    ffplay -i "barsSD.MXF" -vf "split[a][b];[a]format=gray,histogram=mode=waveform:waveform_mode=column,vflip,split[c][d];[b]pad=iw:ih+256[padded];[c]geq=g=1:b=1[red];[d]geq=r=1:b=1,crop=in_w:220:0:16[mid];[red][mid]overlay=0:16[wave];[padded][wave]overlay=0:H-h"
    Or just use a NLE , probably easier
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  5. mmm I think is beautiful with ffmpeg, only I cannot see the "scale" in volt, for example my analog waveform indicate the 1Vp/p on the blank bar, whit this commandline seems similar but have not the scale that indicate level in millivolt, is there a way to see it? thanks
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  6. Not sure how to display that in ffplay with mV (PAL) , IRE (NTSC) . Premiere's waveform can display that

    Most digital waveform tend to use 0-255 scale now, not analog units
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