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  1. Hi,

    I am trying to rip one of my blu rays to my Media server. I was curious if there was a way to include multiple audio tracks in an MP4 using Xmedia recode.

    Also ... I can see all the chapters when I convert using his program, but plex does not seem to acknowledge them.
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    I can't help you with Xmedia recode as I've never used it, but multiple audio tracks should be OK in MP4.

    Hardware and software players may not honor chapters in formats like MP4 and MKV. It's just how it is.
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  3. Try using
    It's a lot easier if there is no track conversion. You can add up to 20 tracks to an mp4 file.

    Xmedia recode...yes it's possible, if a bit involved:

    1. Add video and additional audio tracks to main items list (basically, add all the files you intend to use)
    2. Click on the video you intend to use. It can include original soundtrack if it has one.
    3. The Format/Video/Audio/etc tabs will appear. In 'Format': Profile=Custom, Format=MP4, Extention=mp4.
    4. In 'Video' tab set=Copy, then click 'Audio' tab.
    5. Click 'Import' and select an additional audio track from those you have included in Step #1. <<Repeat This - There is no multiple selection available.
    6. In the 'Source' stream box select the additional track you want to use and click 'Add Audio Stream' button (the 'arrow' icon between boxes).
    7. New stream should be added to 'Output' stream box. Highlight it and set 'Copy/Convert' option in below boxes, and/or set additional options.
    8. Click 'Add Job' when all streams are included and options set for each stream.
    9. 'Encode'...(process Job list as normal for output).

    Hope you know your way around Xmedia tabs. It should make sense to you.

    Edit: In all steps I am assuming your video and audio meet MP4 specifications. That's for you to sort out.
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  4. t h a n k y o u !!!!!
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