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  1. Hi guys,

    Im a photographer, just getting into videography and trying to edit my first paid video job. I've got some experience with Premiere Pro but I've struck an array of problems, bitten off more than i can chew trying to edit footage from 3 cameras and 2 audio sources. However I won't go into them all right now, just the main one that is really very frustrating.

    After adding sharpening and cropping to some of the clips (have about 70 clips totalling 5 hours of footage) i of course have to render them so they play back in real time. This has taken a really long time (14 hours) and afterwards i was seeing all green bars and clips were playing fine, but then for some reason the clips have "un-rendered" themselves. I did the whole process again, and it was all fine until i started editing again and now one of the cameras has become un rendered again. Any tips on what i can do or what I'm doing wrong to have this happen? Would it be better to edit all of the clips and just add the sharpening etc at the end before i export?

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  2. Originally Posted by cobblestones View Post
    ..., but then for some reason the clips have "un-rendered" themselves.
    What do you mean by that, do you mean "rendering" for the preview or the actual rendering of the project? Did you save the project after viewing the "rendered" clips?
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  3. Rendering for the preview? I think. No I didn't save because after only a minute or so all the bars were red again.
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  4. "Render Preview" is different than "rendering" for exporting. The previews are usually lower quality, for real time playback preview purposes (as determined by the preview settings in the preferences) and stored in temporary directory. But...., you might have several final export formats, different target destinations, some high quality high resolution, some low quality, some for devices etc... So rendering for final export is usually unavoidable, because you usually don't want to use the lower quality render previews for your final product

    You don't need to waste time making all the bars green, because as soon as you make a change, add any filter etc... it will need to be re-rendered anyway. Even if you didn't make any changes, it might be you ran out of memory or hdd space to keep all the previews
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  5. ok cool, so i may need to upgrade my hardware to stop this happening? only have 8gb of RAM at the moment.
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  6. Originally Posted by cobblestones View Post
    ok cool, so i may need to upgrade my hardware to stop this happening? only have 8gb of RAM at the moment.
    If the project is big, has lots of effects, it may never stop happening

    You don' t need to render preview the whole thing, only the section you're editing at the moment. Realtime playback is really only crucial for timing . You're not editing the whole thing simultaneously, only sections at time

    Whenever you apply an effect , some transformation... it's going to be re-rendered anyway because the that section has changed . It depends on what types of "edits" you're making

    You don't have to PREVIEW render the whole thing (the whole thing doesn't have to be green before you export it)
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  7. As a general workflow rule, it makes no sense to pre-sharpen and crop and color correct all your footage. Not only does it slow down your timeline, you end up adding effects and rendering a LOT of material you will never use.

    Make your choices, lock your edit, and then add your effects.
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  8. Ok, guys, thanks for that. Im going to start all over again and add effects at the end. Seems so obvious now!
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