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  1. Does choosing any of the x264 presets (Film, Animation, Grain, etc) affect the render time considerably?

    Apologies if this has been answered before, I simply can't find it.

    Thank you.
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    I believe all those are filter settings, and if so, they would affect render time. How much depends on what filtering they are using. But another member may have a better answer.
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    The x264 tuning parameter is not a video filter, but a rules set to alter encoder parameters. See the output of "x264 --fullhelp":
          --tune <string>         Tune the settings for a particular type of source
                                  or situation
                                      Overridden by user settings.
                                      Multiple tunings are separated by commas.
                                      Only one psy tuning can be used at a time.
                                      - film (psy tuning):
                                        --deblock -1:-1 --psy-rd <unset>:0.15
                                      - animation (psy tuning):
                                        --bframes {+2} --deblock 1:1
                                        --psy-rd 0.4:<unset> --aq-strength 0.6
                                        --ref {Double if >1 else 1}
                                      - grain (psy tuning):
                                        --aq-strength 0.5 --no-dct-decimate
                                        --deadzone-inter 6 --deadzone-intra 6
                                        --deblock -2:-2 --ipratio 1.1 
                                        --pbratio 1.1 --psy-rd <unset>:0.25
                                        --qcomp 0.8
                                      - stillimage (psy tuning):
                                        --aq-strength 1.2 --deblock -3:-3
                                        --psy-rd 2.0:0.7
                                      - psnr (psy tuning):
                                        --aq-mode 0 --no-psy
                                      - ssim (psy tuning):
                                        --aq-mode 2 --no-psy
                                      - fastdecode:
                                        --no-cabac --no-deblock --no-weightb
                                        --weightp 0
                                      - zerolatency:
                                        --bframes 0 --force-cfr --no-mbtree
                                        --sync-lookahead 0 --sliced-threads
                                        --rc-lookahead 0
    I wonder what "rendering" means to you.

    If you mean the encoding speed during the conversion: Yes, some tunings alter basic parameters which change the complexity (max. of consecutive B frames and reference frames, Psy-RDO, AQ) and thus the encoding time.

    If you mean the decoding speed in a player: Yes, also the decoding may be affected (there is a tuning "fastdecode").
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  4. Thank you guys,

    I did some tests and can confirm that the x264 tunes take longer to render.

    For a 5 minute video with default settings it took 16 minutes.
    For the same video with the "Animation" tune it took 17 minutes.

    This is a Quad Core 2.4Ghz processor. With i7 or higher probably you won't even notice the difference.
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  5. Tune animation adds 2 more consecutive B frames and doubles no. of reference frames. That increases encoding time.
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