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  1. Hi ****,

    please considering my source

    now I would like transcode it in a .mp4 file HD and i an another .mp4 SD, both with only the first 2 audio channel

    dest mp4 should be main profile 420
    and audio aac

    Please can you tell me the 2 commandline to do this?

    Consider also if I use a mediaplayer box that can out analog SD signal also for hd files, so the levels are the same also in the sd out as a SD original source file?

    Hoewver please consider this: I have to transfer the .mp4 (really encode in high422 profile) to a television (it's a channel of cats!!) that have a system to broadcast directly the .mp4 files uploaded and broadcasting is in HD, I wonder how have to be the levels of the .mp4 HD file and if there are corrispondence between SD levels and HD levels

    Possibly the .mp4 have to at the maximum the same of the same, I think

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  2. Hello cats,

    this is bars form my camera when it is set in HD mode:

    and this is bars in SD (imx) mode:
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  3. Check your other threads, the answers are there
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