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  1. I searched online for help with this Video Editor and got this site, at first I thought this was the official site for VSDC Free Video Editor, but now I guess not
    Whether it is or isn't I'm wondering if anyone can help me anyway. I'd be EXTREMELY Grateful, thanks

    So I downloaded VSDC Free Editing Software and I have managed to put a video into the editor, but now I want to take it and do some "video Effects" on it. (The video is so darn DARK I can BARELY make it out >X-P!)
    Unfortunately when I go to Editor -> Video Effects -> Adjustments; or any of the other options under Video Effects they are not active.
    Is there any way to make them active, or the Video active or editable?
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  2. Here's what I found about that software:

    Browser hijacker, search engine hijacker. "Trovio" virus. The video editor is wrapped in at least four different browser hijackers, search engine hijackers and other virus/mallware executables. I had to restore my system to remove this crap. I can't believe CNET even allows this package on their download site.

    This is entirely a malware package. DO NOT INSTALL.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -Carl Sagan
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    I have installed it without any ads/malware. But you must be careful. Select Manual installation, I do not accept, etc as for ALL adware installations.

    But the editor was crap. So I uninstalled it. So no help here...
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    Originally Posted by Original Poster
    How to Lighten a Dark Video?
    You can use ffdshow's Raw Video Filter, or perhaps tweak the gamma levels through Avisynth.

    A better option would be discard all those exceedingly-cräppy downloads
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