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    Hi everyone.

    Recently i started to do "time lapsing" and wanted to buy a motorized slider but i'm on a budget, been looking at forums and sites but most of them cost more than $500, i can only spend around 150 (200$) on it, my idea was to buy a cheaper model to get started and buy one later on "with all the bells and whistles" lol, i've seen some diy projects but my job and family dont mix well with diy.

    Just wanted a cheap motorized slider for a quick escape/relaxing on Sundays etc, does anyone here know where i can buy one?

    I love it when a plan comes together!
    Ricardo Santos
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  2. I just did a quick check on 'cheap camera slider' on youtube and found one for $10.00 US. Check those out and see if it would work for you. They even have videos on how to make one yourself. I didn't check to see if the $10.00 one was motorized as the motor is the biggest cost item in a slider.
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    I wonder if cannibalizing a scanner would be doable? Programmable stepper motor along the length of a rack & pinion...

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