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  1. Hello.
    I've recently been trying to download/capture a few embedded streaming videos. And I'm getting a bit frustrated as I can't seem to find a working solution. I have tried add-ons like Video Download Helper, UnPlug etc. But these really aren't of much use outside sites like Youtube, Metacafe etc. Same goes for software such as Orbit Downloader or RealPlayer. Then I tried using RTMPDumpHelper with RTMPDump. That actually seemed to work for a while, enabling to start downloading the videos. Thing is, downloads never seemed to get very far, ending up incomplete. Could be that RTMPDump simply couldn't handle videos with a longer duration.
    So I don't think I'm asking for too much. I simply want a simple solution for downloading embedded videos (mostly rather lengthy). Is there really no alternative for a newbie simply wanting to download a few streaming videos from miscellaneous websites?!
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  2. Adobe spends most of their development time working out ways to keep you from downloading streams. That's why free download apps don't work for long. And why Flash Player updates so frequently. Only companies that charge for their downloading apps are willing to spend lots of time updating their software to handle Adobe's new protection techniques. The only sure fire solutions are screen recording apps.
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  3. So you're saying I should be looking at payable alternatives? Like what? Don't feel like paying for anything that might or might not do the trick.
    Interestingly I found myself attempting to download videos running on something called JW Player (as opposed to Adobe Flash Player). Doesn't really ring a bell, I must admit.
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