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  1. Hi. I had an OLD camcorder years ago and had to plug the output into a DVD recorder I had hooked up to my TV in order to put my Home Movies on my computer. I need to convert these to MP4 or AVI or MKV. Anything really.. I tried IMGBURN to make it an iso but it keeps telling me I'm missing files (cause they are not real dvd files). The only files in the folders are as follows:


    I was trying to use Imgburn to make it an ISO so Handbrake could convert it but keep getting those errors about files missing.
    I just want this all to be one file in MP4 format Can anyone help?
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  2. Try dragging VTS_01_1.VOB into MKVMergeGUI and you'll have a MKV file.
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    You should be able to use Vob2Mpeg (in Vobset mode), or DVDVob2Mpg to combine the vob files and make an mpeg file from them. After that, Handbrake should be able to produce an mp4 for you.
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