Hi there,

I have just installed a BlackMagic DeckLink Studio 2 into an Ark PC. It all seemed to install smoothly, I installed Desktop Video 10.1.1 and fired up Media Express. I followed the manuals to the letter and have scoured these forums but I just can't get anything other than a black screen in my preview or my output.

My camera is a Hitachi HV-D30 outputting analog PAL from a BNC connector. I don't use any audio for my application. I have tried multiple inputs and outputs but I am pretty sure my camera feed should go into the composite I/P (20), and a feed to my monitor should come from the composite O/P (21).

I have matched up all the settings in the control panel and in the edit/preferences, and have experimented with other combinations but I just can't get my input to appear. See the attached screen capture of these settings.Click image for larger version

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I have wired the camera directly to the monitor and there is a picture so the camera, cables and monitor are all fine.

Please does anyone have any ideas?